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Arthur Court

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Grape Vine Round Tray


Encompass an appetizing entrée within this Large Grape Open Vine Round Tray from Arthur Court. Twisting, openwork vines transition into a detailed collection of grapes and leaves on the edge of this handmade, aluminum dish. The lines defining the shape o

Bunny Bowl


Fascinate your guests with the beautiful craftsmanship of this 13" Bunny Bowl from Arthur Court. Sand-cast to lustrous perfection, this aluminum bowl glistens to the point where it seems to swirl; a pattern which the surrounding rabbits seem to follow. T

Butterfly Oblong Tray


Accent your favorite dish with the full blooms and winged companions displayed in Arthur Court's Small Butterfly Oblong Tray. Attractive butterflies, big and small, fly among brilliantly defined flowers and leaves on the edge of this handmade, aluminum p

Magnolia Oblong Tray


Weight 3.5002Size Length: 19.0" / Width: 6.0"

Mardi Gras Bottle Stopper


The head of a jester tops this piece and features a beaded hat, ruffled collar and droopy ears with bells on the end. The handmade, aluminum figure smiles widely, as if conjuring his next trick. Size: L: 5.5" / W: 2.0" Care: Wash by hand with mild dish so

Bunny Hanging


Choose wisely from this rabbit sensei and have a little fun at the table with Arthur Court's Bunny Hanging Salt and Pepper Set. Masterful lines and fine detail give the rabbit a realistic appeal as he presents the glass dispensers in his outstretched arm

Grape Rectangular Platter


Intertwined vines weave unpredictably around the outside of this dish, while intricate bundles of grapes and leaves rest on two corners of the square. The busy exterior of this handmade, aluminum tray serves as a picturesque frame for the interior's smoot

Mardi Gras Bottle Opener


This handmade, aluminum piece features a beaded mask covering the face of a mysterious individual. Detailed flourishes accent a fleur-de-lis symbol in the center of the forehead, while the opener itself is hidden on the backside of this decorative design.

Grape Pitcher


Weight 1.9800Size Length: 7.0" / Width: 5.5" / Height: 6.25"

Grapevine Nut Bowl


Large bundles of grapes and leaves cover the surface of this piece as vines create fingerholds in its flared edge. The heavy lines and dense patterns in this design give the handmade, aluminum bowl a unique texture. Size: Diameter: 6.0" / H: 2.5" Care: Wa

Deviled Egg Holder


Weight 1.5180Size Length: 12.0" / Width: 8.5"

Grape Open vine


Weight 2.4750Size Length: 18.0" / Width: 5.5" / Height: 1.0"

Olive Oblong Tray


Present Mediterranean flavors and appetizers on this stylish, rustic metal serving tray from Arthur Court. The long, medium wide platter in Signature Sand-Cast Arthur Court Aluminum alloy appears hand hammered, embellished with a raised olive branch weigh

Butterfly and Flower Napkin Rings


Spring blooms on your table when you dress it with Arthur Courts Butterflies and Flowers Napkin Ring Set. Enjoy the light and fresh feel of spring right at your table when you add Arthur Court's Butterflies and Flowers Napkin Ring Set to your table top m

Olive Sauce/ Oil Bowl


Give your tablespace a Mediterranean feel with this set of four Arthur Court sauce bowls. Attractive olive branch patterns depicting full branches add a touch of lush abundance to the design of these sand-cast bowls, helping them pair well with Tuscan dec

Squirrel Double Salt Cellar


Perched on a pewter twiglet dividing Vagabond House’s Squirrel Double Salt Cellar, Stanley, the company signature squirrel is offering up a tiny acorn to go along with your chosen spices. Crafted in fine stoneware, the white divided cellar holds salt or s

Olive Salad Bowl Set


Arthur Court's generous, raised olive embellished metal salad serving bowl is the perfect back ground for a Greek Salad, Tuscan style pasta or a Mediterranean veggie creation. The metal bowl has a rustic feel enhanced with open metal work around the top

Rabbit Serving Plate


A charming rabbit in a vintage style bas-relief complete with leaves and grasses embellishes our lustrous aluminum alloy serving plate. A must have for Easter entertaining, this plate adds style and grace to any springtime celebration. Gift to your favori

Bunny Luncheon Napkin Box


Detailed rabbits stand guard at the front corners of this piece, while exquisitely patterned leaves create the openwork design on the sides. Handcrafted in sand-cast aluminum, this box exudes a rustic elegance that wont' go unnoticed. Size: L: 7.0" / W: 7

Bunny Oblong Tray


A group of rabbits band together in the middle of this tray as the dense forest surrounds them. Arthur Courts craftsmen capture incredible detail within the bunnies' fur and the framing foliage in this handmade, aluminum design.Size: L: 19.0" / W: 6.0" Ca

Macdnalds Piggy Frame


As if posing for a picture himself, a playful pig draws attention at the top of this product. Featuring big ears and a wide smile, the creature exhibits a childlike enthusiasm as it peers over this piece excitedly. Crafted with the intricacy of wood, pewt

Cheese Set


Features: Add to your collection! Makes a great gift too. Marble: 7" Dia. Knife: 6-1/2"L

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